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Hair Drug Testing for Narcotic Use in Banks

Narcotic abuse is gaining more popularity among bankers. So it’s little wonder that banks are drug testing people for THC abuse in their work environment.

Although hair drug testing is not frequent as the standard urine and blood test for narcotic use, it has gained fairground due to its inability to cheat and ability to detect drug abuse for more than three months.

Top four reasons for carrying out a drug test

A work environment is a secret place that should be free from drugs and substance abuse. For this reason, narcotic drug testing is regularly carried out among workers for several reasons, such as:

  1. Workplace Safety

All employees are legally entitled to work in a safe environment. Working under the influence of drugs or alcohol can impair your judgment and ability to operate machinery in the work environment, thereby keeping the rest of the team at risk. Hence, the need for regular drug tests helps in weeding rogue employees.

  1. Work Quality

The moment you get into employment as a worker, you become part of the engine of the business or organization that drives it towards its success or failure.

Workers are everything in an organization; therefore, keeping them in check is an added advantage. Pre-employment drug testing is one way of ensuring that only sober minds and dedicated souls get through to your engine as it can be useful in detecting recent or habitual use of drugs.

Continuous testing after employment helps in maintaining a good and healthy working environment.

  1. Lower attendance issues

Believe me when I say employees that abuse drugs and alcohol are 3 times more likely than works without drug problems to miss work because of drug and alcohol-related injuries.

It sure will be costly for any employers to have such kind of worker in his/her organization; absenteeism by far has been proven to be very costly for the success of any business.

  1. A More Productive Workplace

People who abuse drugs and alcohol are more likely to be less productive than their sober counterparts. Lack of concentration, fatigue, impaired judgments negatively influences the rate of the workflow. The more time it takes to do a simple task, the more it cost the business. A drug test is meant to keep low productive task force from the work environment.

What happens during a narcotic drug test?

A hair drug test for narcotics is carried out in private laboratories. During this test, the tester cut a sample of your hair about 1.5 inches tall from your scalp.

The hair sample is analyzed for specific narcotic compounds, and the percentage of the compound is compared against a standard test result. For any positive result, a retest is done using gas chromatography to rule out the false positive.

How to use a home test

You can do your own pretesting at home before proceeding with your employer’s own hair drug test.  Through online platforms, users can easily and quickly order at- home hair testing kit of your choice.

How to use the home test kit:

Carefully read and understand the instruction manuals that come with the kit

Using the instruction from the manufacturer gently collect your hair sample

Wrap your hair sample on a piece of paper or foil.

Package your sample inside the pre-paid envelop and mail it to the specified laboratory address provided in the manual for chemical analysis.

What are factors to consider when buying a hair detox shampoo?

Different hair detox shampoos suit the needs of different people. So, before spending a dollar on any hair detox shampoo that you find on the shelves, you should really consider your hair type, its texture and quality and the ingredients used to make the shampoo unless you really want to buy something that won’t work for you.

See this link to find out some home remedies you can use as detox shampoos https://www.stylecraze.com/articles/home-remedies-to-detox-your-hair/#gref

How long does it take to receive my result?

It usually takes between three to four days to get the results for your hair drug test. Ideally, it takes three days to receive a negative test result while it takes four days to receive a positive test result. This difference in one day is due to the mandatory need to cross-checking the positive result to rule out any form of a false positive result.

If I shave my hair, will I beat the drug test?

Obviously, shaving leaves the tester with no sample to test. This is a suspicious move and can only raise an eyebrow for possible drug abuse. But if you are to go for it, at least make sure you shave all your natural hair.

How does a narcotic reach my hair?

The moment you consume narcotic it active compounds goes into the blood for excretion. Through the blood, the narcotic metabolites are deposited into your hair follicles via the bloodstreams that supply the cells of the hair follicle with blood used for the growth of new hair. These compounds are embedded in the hair shaft and continuously grow with your hair.

How does some pass hair drug test naturally?

The only natural and easiest way to pass a hair drug test with flying colors is to abstain from using drugs and alcohol.

To learn how to deal with various drug tests, click here.

How can I know how effective a particular hair detox shampoo is before buying it?

You can find out how effective a detox shampoo is by first using it. What if you only find out how effective the product is maybe after being fired from your work?  Would you instead take the chance? I bet you won’t.

Checking for review and rating of the product can help you with the decision. Hair detox shampoo with good reviews and rating indicates that the product has worked for before and could also work on your case. But keen on what the real users are saying because they are the people using these products in the field.