Top Healthy Foods You Can Add to Your Fitness Lifestyle

Are you looking to build your fitness lifestyle based on the quality of the foods you eat? Then, you have to know the best foods to shop for when next you are in the supermarket. We read through several reviews on About BetterBody Foods as well as feedbacks and complaints from buyers about diet food to determine which foods are regarded as the top healthy foods.


Milk is a great option to enhance your fitness lifestyle as it comes with a lot of benefits. It supplies your body with bone-healthy calcium, sugar, the protein needed to keep fit. You could try out any of the many milkshake options as you like to have it. A glass of milk in the morning can give you the strength to start your day while another warn glass at bedtime could get you the rest you need. Milk contains slow-digesting casein proteins and sleep-inducing serotonin. It also contains carbs that aid the repair of the muscles and keep your body refreshed all day.


vitamin C

Fruits, especially dried fruits, are a healthy food option that can add to your fitness lifestyle. It contains natural sugars and serves as a great source of carbohydrate. Other compositions of dried fruits that aids fitness include potassium, phytonutrients, vitamins, and fiber. Dried fruits are the best natural substitutes for athletes to keep fit at all times.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes can be made into different meal types. For some, you can mash, others you can bake or make into a pate. However, you choose to make your sweet potatoes, you need to have them regularly to stay fit and healthy. Sweet potatoes contain disease-fighting beta-carotene, fiber, and iron. You can consider having sweet potatoes before a long workday or after a long day as it is a good addition to a carb-loading diet just like milk. The electrolyte potassium that these potatoes contain helps to reduce muscle cramps during exercises.


Tomatoes contain vitamin C and lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant. The lycopene concentration of tomatoes is what gives it the red color look. Lycopene is a great nutrient that combats prostrate cancer in men. It also supplies the body with energy and a good option to check weight loss. Tomatoes help to regulate metabolic rate and enhance appetite.


Bananas are not just fruits, but they are a healthy food choice that can add to your fitness lifestyle. Bananas are compact, unfussy, soft to chew, and filled with a lot of nutrients. Bananas are so nutritious including its peel. The peel is said to contain potassium, serotonin, and lutein that enhances sight. While you may not be able to eat the banana with its peel, you can try it out as a whole in a smoothie. Bananas have a high content of calories and calcium that can keep you refueled at all times. It also contains potassium that prevents muscle cramps.

You have to eat healthy to stay fit at all times. The best foods are those foods that contain nutrients in the right proportion for you to live a healthy life. These foods listed above are healthy foods that can add to your fitness lifestyle if taken in the right proportion.