5 Vitamins to Add-In Our Daily Diet!

Gulping tons of medicine is definitely not likeable for us when it comes to being sick. Not only in fever or flu but ADD medicines, psychiatrists prescribed medicines, taking care of all of them is a huge task to do. So why even bother to be dependent on medicines when we can avoid physical and mental sickness by consuming supporting vitamins? Let’s have a brief look at which foods to add in daily life to avoid medicines!

1.Vitamin A- immunity booster

Vitamin A is most vital since it’s beneficial for the crucial systems of the human body. A healthy immune system, reproductive system, cell health, and a perfect vision; Vitamin-A makes sure to boost the strength of our lungs and heart and improve the immunity to fight against cancer as well. There’s a couple of types of this vitamin i.e. provitamin A and preformed vitamin A. The former can be consumed through dark-colored fruits and veggies while the latter is found in dairy, fish, and meat.

2.Vitamin E- detox at hand!

Vitamin E does wonders on your skin and hair if you consume vitamin E on a regular basis. All the foods having abundant fats say, nuts, seeds, and vegetable oil; green veggies and cereals are also a great source of this vitamin. Not only does it cure skin diseases but it anti-oxidizes our passages off of the dangerous air molecules we breathe.

3.Vitamin B6- no more blues

B6 has so many great purposes to serve especially in the aspects that are not given much attention to. For example, when your body is not making enough serotonin and you are getting depressed. It also works great to help women PMSing. No more lagging off assignments, just add beans or peanuts, veggies, milk, cheese, and eggs here and there in your daily diet!

4.Vitamin D- the sun was not important

As important vitamin D is for the strength of bones, it’s a little bit difficult to consume it raw. This vitamin is usually added along with calcium supplements to help avoid weak, painful, and brittle joints. Vitamin D can be found in egg yolks, beef liver, and fishes like salmon or tuna. However, the easiest way for your body to be sufficient of Vitamin D; you can just expose your body to sunlight. Ten minutes of regular sun exposure and you’d get your fix!

5.Vitamin C- goodbye to the flu!

Vitamin C helps the human body fight better against the colds and flu in rough weather. Vitamin C produces collagen that strengthens the muscles, cartilage, and blood vessels. Since the human body itself cannot make it we can get it by eating foods that are rich in vitamin C. Fruits with vitamin C are orange, grapefruit, lemon. Moreover, tomatoes, strawberry, and kiwi- all of these are abundant in vitamin C. You can always eat these fruits on the go, or as a snack, easy peasy!

Taking a healthy number of vitamins on a daily basis does not dramatically make you medicine-free; however, you can benefit yourself in long terms. Bones, skin, immunity and cell growth are things which don’t make or break in one day, to strengthen your body parts and various systems; you can make sure to do the best you can through your diet!