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Migraines: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Options

Around 38 million people suffer from migraine headaches. Migraine headaches can be associated with how intense, and frequently they are. There’s a group of people that will get medication from just a chemist to relieve pain while others may not have the chance due to the severe symptoms. A migraine headache causes some pain in the head and neck area. Nausea, vomiting, Sensitivity to light maybe some of the things that may be accompanied by migraines. One side of your head may feel pain, discomfort, and throbbing than the other side. Before the pain that is caused by migraines subsides, patients may be forced to stay indoors away from any activity, school, and work.

What causes my migraines? What leads to migraines? What makes one suffer from migraines? Migraines are triggered by abnormal brain activity. Individuals between the age of 10-45 are the ones who are highly affected. The impact of different chemicals in the body and nerve pathway is caused in the brain when migraines attack its important to discover more. Types of my migraines. Varieties of my migraines . People are affected differently by the migraines due to their difference. The two different types of migraines are ocular migraines and the aura migraines. Both migraines effects the sight, but ocular migraines occur on one side of someone’s eye while aura affects both. The problem with vision is that they bring nausea feeling that later result into vomiting.

Treatment options of migraines. Patients who suffered from migraines cannot go through the same variety of treatment. Patients are different, and each patient with their different kind of migraines receive different treatment. The first type of treatment is medication. Patients with mild headaches may get medication over the counter, but those with severe headaches may need a prescription. Triptans is a popular form of medication that patients who suffer from migraines can use to treat it. Self-care is another type of method that can be used to treat migraines. Efficient a patient who is able to learn how your body operates when they have a migraine headache, we are able to quickly and effectively take the right step to treat it. One can be able to reduce blood flow to your head by placing ice cubes on your forehead which helps to quell some throbbing sensation that is associated with migraines. A quiet and dark room can significantly help a patient to reduce sensitivity to light and sound.

Ways that someone can avoid having migraines. Keeping your fit should be a priority in preventing migrate Migraines may be prevented through increased circulation of blood flow by exercising regularly. Having a quality sleep. When someone is able to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern they are able to support a positive and productive mindset, stay energized and staying focused.

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