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All There is to Know About Termites

The problem of termites is certainly something that can turn out to be severe, and across the country, it is known that they are able to cause damage that amounts to great expenses annually by homeowners. The first time one notices termites, he or she might not pay very much attention to them, as they are not the kind of pest that looks at all threatening, being very small and often hiding within the walls and other structures of the house. If you ignore termites, however, they will grow and spread within your home, and in only a short time, you will notice dents in your walls and doorways, and be surprised to find how deeply the damage has gone. If you notice that there are termites in your house, then, the first thing that you should do is to determine what kind they are, as there are some termites that stand out from among the others as really deadly to the well-being of a house.

If you want to be sure that you know the kinds of termites that can infest your home, the first kind that you should know about is the dry wood termite, a kind of termite that lives and feeds on dry wood. What you must know about these termites is that they do not need water to survive, as they can thrive on the moisture that they are able to extract even from dry wood in your home. One should be careful, and always watch out for termites like these, as they destroy any dry wood surface in a home, working quickly on shelving, walls, flooring, furniture, doorways, and so on and so forth.

Another type of termite that all homeowners should watch out for is the subterranean termite, a type of termite that thrives in huge colonies which are usually found underground. One fact about this kind of termite is that its jaws are very sharp and powerful, and it is able to chew down almost any kind of wood – this makes it one of the most deadly termites out there today. You must be careful of this termite, and call a pest control service the moment you notice it in your home, as when you allow it to stay, it and its colony members can bring down your home in the future!

Last but most deadly of all of the species of termites today is the Conehead termite – originally, these termites were called tree termites, but their name changed because, obviously, they do not only live in trees, but thrive in any wooden surface. The moment one notices these termites, he or she should call pest control right away – these termites are known to spread extremely quickly and all over, and in no time, they can bring down the value of a piece of property.

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